We're on a mission to help our society form deep and meaningful connections.

We're bridging the gap between web3 and the physical world

We're builders

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Our projects:


The first web3-native local event platform, helping anyone in web3 find local communities and things to do in their city.

A screenshot of the Degen Events website

Little Atlas beta

An experiment into using the world map as a social space to help web3 natives and communities with local discovery.

Launched in March 2022 on Solana.

A screenshot of the Little Atlas beta app, showing a world map with square NFTs

TBA (summer 2022)

We're building the open standard for attaching location data to any wallet - think ENS, but for mapping the world of web3 to physical places.

We're currently fundraising to build this product.

A placeholder image with cascading text saying TBA